Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Old Desk....New Desk

I was on a hunt.....My daughter wanted a desk in her room....I scoured websites and stores....saw prices of over $200 (YIKES) and low prices with cheap materials.....and still I did not see something that would fit in with my tomboy little girl who requested "cool, and could you fit camouflage in there too mom?" I was at a I did what any mom would do...I garage saled and found a plain nice wood desk (old I'll give you that) for.....$10. I knew in it's present condition it would never be acceptable so a couple bottles of black spray paint, silver metallic paint lightly brushed over all the surfaces, new hardware....and it looks like a new desk! Now....for the camo.....I went to Lowes and found peg board.....and did my best camo motif....added some peg board baskets and she's got a functional desk area! (Maybe she'll stay off of my craft table now.....maybe not :)).
To round off the room for my creative girl.....white dry erase paint.....easy...bought at Lowes for about $30...taped off the board.....and went to town....I cut Idea Board in vinyl with my cricut....Now she can write down all the things that run through her head :)

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  1. My dear, you certainly are handy with the wood! your daughter is a lucky girl! Just fabulous! xxD