Sunday, October 10, 2010

FIrst Imagine Project

I am LOVING my Imagine.....I couldn't resist I had to get one. The first one I received had to be replaced but now.....I'm in heaven :) Jayce has a birthday party today so I made her friend Becca a cute purse to hold her gift card and a card for the birthday girl. I used the Best Friends cartridge....I would have liked to use pop up squares but I discovered my son (still figuring this one out) used the last of them last week? I guess my craft table isn't safe from anyone in my family! I thought it was a cute first project to get my feet wet....There is a slight learning curve for sizing and flooding the images but really I can tell I am going to be in love with this machine...My favorite part is that I used my old Calligraphy cartridge for the font and was able to flood the letters with any print/color I wanted....Thank you Provo Craft for incorporating the old cartridges....How awesome!

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