Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Pink Stamper Winter Challenge

I saw My Pink Stampers Winter Challenge and decided this might be good to get my feet wet!

Plus I wanted to try out my imagine with an expression cartridge and no printing.....It took me awhile to get into the Winter mode since it was 85 here in Virginia today, however once I started......

I kept it simple and made SNOW card with the Winter Wonderland cartridge....Sorry the pictures aren't better but here it is! Enjoy :) I had fun!

FIrst Imagine Project

I am LOVING my Imagine.....I couldn't resist I had to get one. The first one I received had to be replaced but now.....I'm in heaven :) Jayce has a birthday party today so I made her friend Becca a cute purse to hold her gift card and a card for the birthday girl. I used the Best Friends cartridge....I would have liked to use pop up squares but I discovered my son (still figuring this one out) used the last of them last week? I guess my craft table isn't safe from anyone in my family! I thought it was a cute first project to get my feet wet....There is a slight learning curve for sizing and flooding the images but really I can tell I am going to be in love with this machine...My favorite part is that I used my old Calligraphy cartridge for the font and was able to flood the letters with any print/color I wanted....Thank you Provo Craft for incorporating the old cartridges....How awesome!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Old Desk....New Desk

I was on a hunt.....My daughter wanted a desk in her room....I scoured websites and stores....saw prices of over $200 (YIKES) and low prices with cheap materials.....and still I did not see something that would fit in with my tomboy little girl who requested "cool, and could you fit camouflage in there too mom?" I was at a I did what any mom would do...I garage saled and found a plain nice wood desk (old I'll give you that) for.....$10. I knew in it's present condition it would never be acceptable so a couple bottles of black spray paint, silver metallic paint lightly brushed over all the surfaces, new hardware....and it looks like a new desk! Now....for the camo.....I went to Lowes and found peg board.....and did my best camo motif....added some peg board baskets and she's got a functional desk area! (Maybe she'll stay off of my craft table now.....maybe not :)).
To round off the room for my creative girl.....white dry erase paint.....easy...bought at Lowes for about $30...taped off the board.....and went to town....I cut Idea Board in vinyl with my cricut....Now she can write down all the things that run through her head :)