Sunday, August 29, 2010

A gift for a friend...... resolution is to be an active blogger :) This summer has ran away from me....I've done a lot of projects, and have had no time to blog. Hopefully all of this will change. My coworker Katie is about to embarq on her new life with her boyfriend in Kentucky....

It's always sad to see someone you care for leave but I couldn't let her go without a sending off gift. I decided to do something radical and make my own picture frame....First I went to countless antique stores and just saw nothing that I was looking for. Frank suggested we go buy the off to Lowes we went! I bought two pine boards and went to town! I needed help from Frank to cut to size and dremel the inside of the frame.....The rest was all me :) After sanding the wood I spray painted a base coat of sandy bronze. After that dried I sanded it some more and mixed a metallic/white paint mixture to lightly brush over the wood....dry...sand....lightly lightly brushed light purple paint over it and you guessed it dried and sanded again....The result I love ....looks weathered ....hopefully you can see that through the pictures. For the pictures themselves I used vinyl, brads, embossing....whatever I thought meshed well....the end result I love and I hope Katie does too...Best of luck to her in Kentucky!

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  1. What a beautiful send off! I'm sure she'll treasure it and think of you every time she sees it! xxD