Saturday, February 20, 2010

a cute quick card

I was just playing with some wedding cards and this is something fun I did :)

I think I'm in love with making cute wedding cards lol......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sex and the City Bridal Shower Decoration

Well it's been a day of being snowed in again....and finally we got special leave at work (although it wasn't as bad as it's been but who's complaning?). So I got to finish up the favors for the shower all the bags got ribbon and martha stewart punches (I just love her punches! These were even better b/c they were on sale). Then it was the "Shoe Task" coworker asked me to make some kind of wall decoration with a shoe for the shower....hmmmmm this took a bit but here's what I came up with! I used a few cartridges for this just because I could....I love the shadow calligraphy those were all cut at 2". The shoes came from the wedding solutions cartridge and the city from Plantin Schoolbook....I love that one! It probably is b/c I'm from NY but...its alright to be biased sometimes :)

I then just added some brads and rhinestones and a pretty ribbon.....easy and I like the way it turned out.....Now my last task for this wedding is etching the bride and grooms glasses....there are so many choices I'm having a hard time deciding...traditional bride and groom? Or something a bit modern? Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Gift

I bought these wooden 2 x 2 blocks for $1 each and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Today after staring at them for awhile I had an epiphany! I needed to make a valentines gift for my fiance and I wanted to do something for his desk at work that wasn't the typical picture frame. I sanded the little guys first b/c they were a little rough. I had bought some glossy paint at Michaels when it was on sale. Now the funny part was I thought I bought red and silver so I started to paint with the red first.....and then I thought Ok I'll use half red and half silver...well I didn't read the bottle very good because it was extreme glitter not silver. I have never been so happy I made a mistake! After the red paint dried I coated them with the extreme glitter.....

Then It was time to decorate! I've been itching to use my vinyl again so I cute out the H loves F with the Wild Card Cartridge and the XO with the Sweethearts cartridge. I wanted to say that is my favorite side but really I love all of them....I also used the Wild Card and Sweethearts cartridge to cut our wedding date out and the rings.....

The pictures I resized in adoble..used permenant spray adhesive to attach them to the blocks and then sealed everything with mod podge. I also used some Valentines Day stickers I had gotten from targets $1 bin (woo hoo for the $1 bin) on a few sides. I love the way this turned out. I thought a lot about putting the pictures to size on the block but I just loved the red paint and glitter so much I wanted it to be seen on all sides.....Of course I'm no good at being patient so I had to give it to him

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A gift for the bride

To round up my shower favors I made this picture frame for the bride. The picture didn't come out to great but hopefully the idea is there. I used the Stretch Your Imagine Cartridge for the champagne glasses, I just liked those ones better than the Sweethearts. I cut it out with the contact paper. I know provo craft says use vinyl and then transfer tape but they're so expensive! So I tried regular old contact paper at $6 for a large roll and it works great! Once you apply the contact paper on the glass it's good to smooth it over with the side of a credit card to make sure it's flat against the glass. I found putting generous amounts of Armor Etch is great and leaving it on for 10 minutes is good enough. The Mr and Mrs was from the Sweethearts cartridge. Remember to flip the words! I used the card feature to cut out the words since you need the cut out pattern anyways. This works much better than trying to use the regular wording. I love love love how this came out.....The black picture frame makes it hard to see but it came out amazing and the best part is the picture frames were on clearance at Michaels for $2! Since I've spent more money than I've wanted to there lately this was nice.....

What a great day to spend in the snow! We've had over two feet today and yesterday.....

Baby Shower Invitations

My coworker is having her fourth baby. She has two boys and one girl and this one will be....a girl! We're going to give her a surprise shower and I came up with this card using the Wild Card Cartridge....I plan on doing the inside in Photoshop for the wording. I'm so excited it really came out cute! Since this is her fourth child we plan on setting up a round robin dinner for her....each person will sign up for a night so her and her husband have one less thing to worry about...did I mention all of her kids are under 5? So they're going to be busy!

So I finally finished them and thought I would update this!